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Vase by Per Lutken for the Danish Holmegaard glassworks in the 1960s. H: 25cm 20x15cm This is the middle model of this vase called "goutte" or "drop" vase in English, a smaller and a larger version also exist .

Per Lutken was a famous Danish glassmaker, he joined Holmegaard in 1942 and worked there until his death. He helped to revive glassware which was then running out of steam, by bringing his refined and timeless style, which has become a classic of Scandinavian design found in many Danish and Swedish homes. Very productive, for decades he created numerous models that made glassmaking successful in Denmark and around the world. The Holmegaard factory was founded in 1823 in Næstved southwest of Copenhagen and began its activity by manufacturing green and brown bottles, later turning to art glassware. Count Christian Conrad Danneskiold-Samsøe, having purchased the Holmegaard estate, realized that the local peat could be used as fuel. He therefore requested authorization from the King of Denmark to create a glassworks there, but died before obtaining the answer... it was only in 1825 that his wife, Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe received a favorable response from the king. . Although a widow and mother of six children, she decided to continue her husband's project and launched the Holmegaard glassworks (Holmegaard Glasværk) which produced until 2008.

Holmegaard Per Lutken Vase

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