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Stoneware vase from the Pierrefonds factory, first quarter of the 20th century. Matt covered, with areas of light crystalline glaze. H: 31cm Diam: 14cm

The Pierrefonds factory was founded in 1903 in the eponymous town by Count Charles Henri Olivier Hallez d'Arros. Originally the brand was called "Olivier de Sorra", then "Faïence heraldique", we find under this vase the initials FH for Faïence Héraldique. The beginnings were not conclusive and the alarming financial situation forced a change of artistic direction. New shareholders and new artists joined the factory from 1910. Among them the ceramist Emile Bouillon who bought the earthenware factory in 1937. The situation was rather prosperous during the interwar period and declined thereafter. Emile Bouillon's sons took over the activity, then the widow of one of them maintained it until 1971. Mr Vannereau bought it and continued to produce until 1986 when it closed definitively.

Pierrefonds sandstone vase

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