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"CADO" wall system designed by Poul Cadovius (1911-2011) Denmark, circa 1960. Composed of 5 rosewood veneer panels each measuring 190x80cm, two blocks of 5 rosewood drawers, a block with flap and its key forming a secretary with two drawers and/or small bar with removable bottle holder, a unit with sliding teak doors. 8 shelves of 80x30cm and 20 shelves of 80x22cm in rosewood, as well as their brackets are delivered with it. Some very small gaps in veneer on the side ends of the panels hidden by the brackets or blocks once installed.

The photographed montage therefore measures 190cm high and 400cm wide.

The price is for the set presented with the 28 shelves/brackets and the 4 blocks mentioned in the description.

4 additional wall panels are available, as well as pieces of panels ranging from 80 to 120cm high allowing the total height to be increased up to 250/280cm if necessary. Also available other teak modules (2 drawer units, 1 secretary unit, 1 sliding unit) as well as numerous shelves and brackets.

A tailor-made installation with a craftsman is possible, contact me for more information 😉

CADO Poul Cadovius wall system

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