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Small enameled stoneware dish from the 1960s in Denmark, signed Nils Kähler (1906-1979). Beautiful two-tone enamelling, light gray and with deep turquoise tones. Signature and label below.

Diameter: 23cm H: 4.5cm

The Kähler factory was founded in Denmark in 1839 by Joachim Christian Herman Kähler (1808–1884) and was then managed by several generations of the family. Nils Kähler, one of his descendants, took over the reins in 1940 with his brother Herman. First an apprentice, he studied sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, then became a master ceramist. He will be production director and designer for Kähler, but also for other manufacturers. The company left the family in 1974, it is still in operation today.

Ceramic dish by Nils Kähler

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