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Danish ceramic signed Helle Allpass (1932-2000) in glazed stoneware on the inside. Beautiful and subtle glaze of the enamel indoors, contrasting with the raw material of the stoneware outdoors. Signature under the cover: Allpass Danmark

Diameter: 23.5cm H: 10cm

Little information about this ceramist, except the testimony of her daughter Signe Lindkvists, who became a Danish television presenter. She recently spoke to the press about her mother's end of life and tells us a rather astonishing anecdote. Suffering from Parkinson's disease and not wishing to be deprived of her physical faculties, she made the decision to end her life. Before that, she wanted to invite her loved ones to a final dinner with a special dish to say goodbye. To do this she invited 14 people, then sent her daughter to her butcher to order 14 fried pigeons. The butcher told his daughter that this would not be possible this week, but only the following week. Helle Allpass then calmly and simply decided to wait and postpone her suicide for a week.

© B&W portraits: John Stæhr

Allpass Danish ceramic dish

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