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Flower picker or zoomorphic vase by Alexandre Kostanda (1921-2007) 1960s in Vallauris. 19x17cm.

Of Russian origin, born in Poland and arrived in France, this child with his parents, Kostanda grew up in Vallauris where his mother decorated earthenware pieces. After the war he moved to Cluny to teach earthenware and trained future ceramists who would found the Acolay workshop. Returning to Vallauris, he became workshop manager at Giraud, then opened his own workshop in 1953. He became president of the Friends of the Vallauris Museum and initiated the first biennial there in 1968. He used Vallauris earth mixed with sandstone from Cluny and fired in a wood-fired oven, the firing of its stoneware imposes a range of muted colors, ranging from beige to gray, dark blue and green, red, brown. (thanks to Maris-Pascale Suhard @ Céramique Magazine).

Flower pick Alexandre Kostanda

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