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Pair of Holophane brand lights from the 1950s.

Hemispherical globes in opaline glass and frosted ribbed glass discs, arm in white lacquered aluminum topped with a conical shaft in perforated sheet metal also white lacquered. The central part of the disc is removable and allows you to change the bulb (standard porcelain and brass socket with E27 screw). The light is distributed between the bottom of the luminaire through the glass walls and also passes through the perforations in the sheet metal above. A very beautiful diffusion of lighting, very homogeneous for these pendant lights which remain as beautiful on as they are off! Some attribute this work to Mathieu Matégot in collaboration with Holophane, certainly the glass parts are clearly marked Holophane, Made in France and numbered, but we have not found anything to attribute it to Matégot with certainty.

These lights are quite heavy, around 5Kg (glass). Diam 36cm H:60cm

Electrification redone, ready to be installed.

Price for the pair

Pair of Holophane pendant lights

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