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Pair of new wall lights in boxes, Lirolita 6130 model also known as the Zodiac model. Design by Jacques Biny published by Lita in the 1950s/60s. Exceptional new condition in their original boxes, with the period bulbs as well as the wall fixing screws also original! The lid of the boxes could, by folding it thanks to a cutout, become a real POS display revealing the lighting fixture and the contents of the box.

Here the version in black lacquered metal with polished brass diffuser, finished with a glass lens. Braided textile pull switch finished with a plastic cone.

L: 18cl D: 7cm H: 13cm Boxes: 27x20cm H: 8cm

Below is an extract from an article by Jany Aujame published in the daily Le Monde on January 22, 1969:

Comfort for reading in bed

Comfort for reading in bed begins with rational lighting and good support for the back.

A bedroom, a place of rest by definition, must have fairly soft ambient lighting. This will be achieved by installing indirect lighting either with a floor lamp or with a light strip (with fluorescent tube) placed in the curtain box, above the window, or hidden in a cornice. To complete this general lighting, we will have various localized light sources, the most important of which are bedside lights. These will be placed on a table near the bed or attached to the wall.

• WALL LIGHTS specially designed for reading in bed direct the light beam onto the pages of the book. It is desirable to have, in addition to this directed light, a luminous atmosphere in the room so as not to strain the eyesight. However, it is possible to use this adjustable wall lamp alone, to read while its neighbor rests in the dark.

The light “spots” are adjustable metal cylinders which direct the light onto a specific point. Fixed to the wall by a circular base, a reflector for a 25 watt lamp, with convex plane lens. A pull switch controls the lighting (“Lirolita” no. 6130, 40.38 Francs). The same spotlight is available mounted on a clamp, with an olive switch and 1.50 m of flexible wire (same price).

Pair of Lirolita wall lights designed by Jacques Biny

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