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Lamp from the Ki-E-Klair brand in the 1960s by Alphonse Pinoit and his son André Pinoit. Vice model, adjustable in all directions and telescopic. It is equipped with an aluminum lampshade, model no. 210 called frustoconical. (Some traces of use and chrome slightly pitted in places). Electricity redone.

This brand of lighting was the choice of Jean Prouvé to equip his workshops and offices for decades. Initially designed for industrial drawing tables, different versions and models were developed over the years.

Fell in love with these lighting fixtures in 2012 and after much research, I was able to discover their origin and published in the monthly Antiquités Brocante an article on the history of this French brand whose activity ceased in 1975. I am available amateurs this article in PDF.

2 copies available

Ki-E-Klair Lamp

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