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Lamp from the Jieldé brand, model from the 1960s and 70s, base on a half-sphere in patinated steel. This model was fitted to machine tools, the base different from current models, was specially designed by the company for certain brands of machines. Original hammered gray metallic paint, a red metallic information crown is present, but can be easily removed by unscrewing it. The Jieldé lamp was designed and manufactured in 1950 by Jean-Louis Domecq (1920-1983) the name given to this luminaire comes quite simply from the initials of its inventor: JL D. It enjoyed great success in industrial circles and workshops, equipping numerous machine tools. Its robustness, its handling and its reliability, resulting from the reflections of JL Domecq then workshop manager, will make it successful for decades, it is still produced today in very different colors.

Jielde base lamp

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