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Stoneware table lamp by Mette Løkken Stiil and Alexa in the 1970s and a lampshade. Enamelled geometric patterns in slight relief on all four sides, the lampshade has a cover placed on top and removable depending on the type of lighting desired. Switch on the bakelite socket, standard E27 screw bulb. Overall dimensions: H: 62cm Diam: 30cm

Ceramists Mette Løkken Stiil and Niels Stiil established their workshop in 1972 near Tranum in the far northwest of Denmark. In these same years Aksel Larsen opened a ceramic workshop nearby which was very productive under the name Axella, then Axella design. The two workshops will collaborate together, in particular to create lamp bases. Axella closed its doors in 1987, Atelier Still much later in 2002.

Mette Løkke Stiil ceramic lamp

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