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Large ovoid-shaped earthenware vase from the 1930s, from the Sainte Radegonde factory. Geometric decoration in gold and platinum and “Tours blue”.

Ax signature below for Frédéric Gustave Asch (1856-1911). Height: 52 cm

A ceramist active towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Asch is particularly known for his “bleu de Tours”, a dark blue enamel close to the famous “bleu de Sèvres”. He made blue enameled ceramic vases in his Tours workshops, which he decorated with gold, then moved to Sainte Radegonde in 1887. The factory would subsequently have several owners including Primavera in the 1920s and would keep for a long time the signature in the shape of an axe. It closed its doors permanently in 1986.

Important Ste Radegonde vase

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