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Armchair model "Faucon" or "Falcon chair" design by the Norwegian Sigurd Ressell (1920-2010) produced by the Norwegian manufacturer Vatne in 1970. Like a suspended hammock, the armchair is made up of a strong canvas linked to the base by 4 loops in chromed steel held by leather borders and covered with a large cushion and headrest also in leather. The beech wood structure composed of four flexible arms linked under the seat offers a wonderful feeling of suspension when sitting. Two snap buttons at the back allow you to adjust and connect the leather cushion to the canvas. Great comfort for this model, successfully produced since 1970, first with a steel base, then from 1974 with this much lighter wooden base which allows it to be moved very easily. (Some very slight traces of use at the back and at the top of the uprights).

78x78cm H: 99cm Seat: 40cm

“Falcon” armchair Sigurd Ressell

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