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Enamelled stoneware dish signed Conny Walther (1931-2020) Danish ceramist, circa 1960/70. 23x28.5cm H:5cm.

Conny Walther learned the potter's trade in large industrial ceramic factories while studying until 1951 at the School of Decorative Arts in Copenhagen. She first learned the techniques of grand feu earthenware at the Saxbo factory between 1948 and 1949. The next step took her to the Kähler factory for two years of experimentation corresponding to the end of her studies in 1951. -52. It was immediately after this training period that she opened her own workshop in Kirkerod and developed a unique visual vocabulary. She then began working on the stoneware, which she freely decorated with very expressive expressionist enamelling.

Ceramics by Conny Walther

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