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Design office of Etienne Fermigier (1932-1973) published by JFR around 1970.

Cast aluminum structure, smoked glass top, opening box with three stained wood drawers. Very good condition of the top, minimal traces of use on the base and the box. 120x72cm H:72cm

Étienne Fermigier studied at the Boulle school from which he graduated, then at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs from where he graduated in interior architecture in 1957. He quickly created his design office and worked for numerous publishers in the 60s/70s, creating furniture and lighting. He also taught at the Camando school, co-founded the National Center for Contemporary Applied Arts and received the René-Gabriel prize in 1967. He died accidentally at the age of 41.

Etienne Fermigier Office

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