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Suite of 4 chairs, number 7, produced by Thonet at the end of the 19th century. Curved and stained beech wood typical of the manufacture's production, top of the molded front legs, caned seat and openwork back with oval panel also caned. Presence of two paper labels and a hollow stamp under the seats. This hollow mark indicates the production period, as it was only used between 1860 and 1888. These are therefore very old and rare models in this state of conservation. This Austrian manufacture of Viennese origin began in 1830 with its founder, Michaël Thonet who launched the technique of curvature of wood by steaming (the wood is softened by a steam bath, then contracted in frames according to the desired shape, while drying it retains this shape). Note that the curved wood cracked very slightly on one of the chairs, see photos.

L: 42 cm D: 43 cm H: 93 cm Seat: 46 cm

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4 Thonet n°7 chairs

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