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4 chairs in teak and black skai, produced by Johannes Nørgaard in the 1970s. Elegant and sober, these chairs will find their place around a dining room table. Under the seats the history of these chairs was written by their owner in Danish here is a translation: "Johannes Nørgaard furniture manufacturer in Røddinge purchased in 1972 from the factory. 9 very solid chairs. The collage holds at least until 2013. Painter Marilon Nørgaard has an exhibition, she is the wife of Johannes Marilon, she now lives in Gemdrup, they are divorced, she is also an artist. She has, among other things, painted a portrait of Minister of State Anker. Jørgensen. She makes very large paintings in very strong colors. She has exhibitions all over the country and lives in Gendrup v. Brørup.

4 Scandinavian chairs

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